The birth of Finite was inevitable. Growing up, creating a movement and a brand all at the same time was the dream. In August, 2018, two young entrepreneurs co-founded Finite Apparels Co. in hopes of reaching a broad audience. The two entrepreneurs aspired to grow a community where everyone shares one thing in common. Realizing reality. Everyone knows that nothing lasts forever & that the world is finite. The resources, the memories we make, our lives, the materialistic things in life are all finite. This brand was envisioned so people can relate to an ideology & have a reason to face their fears, push boundaries, & conquer their dreams. After all, everything is finite so what do you have to lose? Broaden your horizons. Live the lifestyle. Join the wave.

Currently, pushing through 2022, the two of us plan to expand Finite exponentially and are hoping to be able to make Finite a full time career in the near future. Here at Finite, our vision board includes being able to host festivals, launch a flagship store, and to create the Finite Foundation for helping the Earth stay green and preserve our home. Without your support none of this is possible. Every little thing you do to help Finite is recognized & genuinely appreciated. Our optimism tells us this will soon be something extraordinary...

Finite specializes in fashionable street, gym, and casual wear. We promote everyone to live their best lives & wear clothes they are proud of & feel good in. Our clothing is designed with functionality, sustainability, and durability in mind.